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Good Work Starts with Good and Fresh Coffee!

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Product description

Time to bring new energy to your office! Good work starts with a good and fresh coffee.

What you get: 12 x 200g coffee pack. See more detailed information below.

You can choose whole beans or your preferred grind size.

Product details

In this bundle, you get 12 bags of six different coffees, ranging from light to dark roast:

2 x Guatemala Maria Mateo 3/5:  delicate, nutty and chocolaty, with a touch of citrus fruits.

2 x India Monsoon Malabar 3/5: smooth and bold with a hint of toffee and caramel. Low acidity. Unique processing method from India.

2 x Cafe Futuro Organic 3/5: nut, chocolate, low acidity, full-bodied mouthfeel. Organic coffee which has been our classics for more than 30 years.

2 x Peru Cecanor 4/5 Cafe Femenino Organic + Fairtrade : Chocolate, caramel, almond. Another Organic, Fairtrade and Cafe Femenino coffee.

2 x Master Espresso 4/5: caramel, raspberry, strong and full-bodied mouthfeel. A blend of dark roasted Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee that captures the nuances of each origin.

2 x Ethiopia Addis Abeba 5/5 Organic: Cocoa, dark chocolate, black currant. This special dark roast organic coffee from Ethiopia is one of our bestselling coffee.

Psst. 2.4kg of coffee = about 312 cups (1 cup = 1.25dl).

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