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El Salvador Finca San Antonio

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Product description

Amazing coffee gem from Chalatenango region, El Salvador. Roast level 2/5. Limited edition!

Product details

This coffee from El Salvador is a real treat for the end of the year!

Martha Yaneth Lemus’ farm is called San Antonio, where she grows Gesha and Pacamara varieties of coffee.Honey-processed coffees are on the rise in El Salvador, and typically the coffees are picked ripe and de-pulped the day they're harvested, then spread on patios or raised beds to dry in their mucilage for 20–25 days.

Despite being a small country in Central America, El Salvador is well-known for its coffee after the outstanding performance of Chalatenango’s coffee in Cup of Excellence (a Pacamara coffee). Chalatenango, the "Valley of water and sand", is El Salvador's coolest and northernmost region. El Salvador’s fertile volcanic soil, high altitudes, and vast expanses of shade cover also help to produce high-quality coffee with unique and desirable sensory profiles.

Pacamara is A cross between Pacas and Maragogype developed by Instituto Salvadoreńo de Investigaciones del Café (ISIC).

  • Roast level: 2/5
  • Producer: Marta Yaneth Lemus
  • Origin: Chalatenango, El Salvador
  • Variety: Pacamara
  • Altitude: 1500 mass
  • Processing: Honey
  • Tasting notes: Rich dark chocolate, nuts. Sweet aftertaste. Medium acidity.

Storage: Unopened package will stay fresh until the best before date; opened package should be used within 5 weeks. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and light sources. Close the package carefully between the uses.
Recycle in burnable waste/mixed waste.

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